Programme for Thursday 13th June


Welcome Speech from Krzysztof Borkowski – Deputy Director of Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police, Poland

Keynote Speaker – Anthony Koertner

What Do Latent Print Examiners Want in a Statistical Model?

Dr. Helen Earwaker

A contextual inquiry approach to exploring human factors within fingerprint comparison

Beata Krzemińska, Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police, Poland

AFIS role at the fingerprint expert work in Poland

Natalia Pawlowska, School of Criminal Sciences, University of Lausanne
Investigation of fingermark detection by vacuum metal deposition (VMDAu/Zn) on modified glass substrates and polymers

Jakub Mondzelewski, Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police, Poland   IT system supporting the processes of using and analyzing large amounts of data in order to detect related evidence for the needs of investigation proceedings and detection activities (HIT-NET project)

Professor Rob Hillman, University of Leicester

Dynamics of MMD latent fingermark development

Nadia R. Asgeirsdottir, University of Strathclyde

The Identification of Individuals by Observational Gait Analysis using Closed Circuit Television Footage: Comparing Expert and Non-Expert Ability and Confidence Levels

Jo Dawkins, University Centre Peterborough

If only the walls could talk – can fingermarks provide the answers



Cedric Neumann, Associate Professor of Statistics at the South Dakota State University

Decision-making in forensic science: what information is needed, which conclusions are supported.


Panel discussion - Errors

Moderator, Cedric Neuman, Anthony Koertner and Anthony Laird

Annemieke Van Dam, Amsterdam University Medical Centre

Towards the implementation of immunolabeling into forensic case work

Leisa Nichols-Drew

The International Response To Knife Crime: Researching Identification Methods To Assist The UK Response

Alexander Martin, University of Stirling

Catching Offenders With EvoFIT



                                            Programme for Friday 14th June



Zeno Geradts, EUIAI board member and President of AAFS

Keynote Speaker – Cedric Neumann

Defence Against the Modern Arts: The Curse of Statistics 1

John Rieman, Netherlands Police

How to start with a facial recognition system

Marcel De Puit

Proteomics as a new means of classification, identification and individualisation

Prof.  Małgorzata Iwona Szynkowska, Lodz University of Technology

Imaging fingerprints using ToF-SIMS

Ewa Kartasinska, Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police, Warsaw

Genetics and dactyloscopy – rivals or allies

Veronika Dzetkulicova

Epidermal desquamation in Thiel-embalmed cadavers and its potential use in fingerprint research

Dr Jodie Coulston, Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, Uni of Portsmouth The Reformulation and Optimisation of Physical Developer (PD)

Nihad Achetiba, Amsterdam University medical Centre

Immunolabeling after cyanoacrylate fuming and vacuum metal deposition to enhance fingermark quality

Dr Roberto King, Foster and Freeman

Refrain from using the dye stain?  Non-destructive, longwave reflected UV imaging of cyanoacrylate treated evidence

Aylin Saribey, Uskudar University, Turkey

Biological Sample and Gunshot Residue Collection from Shooter’s Hand: Which Comes First?

Professor Ivan Birch

The development and testing of the Sheffield Features of Gait Tool

Mallory Ironside, Gemalto

The benefits of integrating the ACE-V workflow into your system