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3rd Conference of the European Division of the International Association for Identification

 October 12th-13th 2017 at Hotel CASA, Amsterdam, Netherlands




0815         Registration Opens

0900         Presidents Welcome

                Aldo Mattei, EUIAI President




0915 - 1000       Keynote Speaker

                      Professor Pierre Margot, University of Lausanne


« One cannot be half pregnant…or the identification riddle »


The certainty of identification has been the dogma of fingerprint identification for a long time. Practice had forgotten the discussion of pioneers and until recent realisation that the error rate was non nil and the final attacks by the NAS report in the USA, most fingerprint specialists rejected the idea of a decision process brought with some difficulties. How many times have I heard « one cannot be half pregnant » when discussing the identification process in the 1990’s and early 2000’s?

Have we reached term? A small review of the riddle will be developed.


 1000 - 1030  Developments in Forensic Face comparison

   Arnout Ruifrok, Netherlands Forensic Institute


1030 - 1100   ‘A new method to recover important chemical components after fingermark collection’.

                      Annemieke van Dam – UvA      


1100 -1130     BREAK

                      Vendors displays


1130 - 1200   ‘Understanding silver nucleation and growth in the physical developer process for latent fingermark visualisation’

                      Professor Rob Hillman, University of Leicester


1200 – 1230   AFIS next evolution: Latent Automation and Altered Fingerprint’.

                      Scott Swann, CEO IDEMIA National Security Solution


1230 - 1300   INTERPOL Fingerprint and Face databases – their role in the identification in the international environment

Zuzana Descikova, Interpol


1300 - 1400   LUNCH  


1400 – 1430   ‘Aiding the interpretation of Forensic Gait analysis: Development of a features of gait database’.

Professor Ivan Birch, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust



1515 - 1545   BREAK

                     Vendors’ displays


1545 - 1615   ‘Functionalised silica nanoparticles for latent fingermark development’

                      Adam Lesniewski - Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences


1615 – 1645   A Pre-Validation Study of a New Forensic Technology for Fingermark Visualisation’

    Alex Smyth, University of Leicester


1645              Close of day

                      Vendor displays and Poster presentations available all day


WORKSHOP SESSIONS - €35 fee per session max. 30 students per session

Room 2 - Location


1400-1700     Reducing Erroneous exclusions

                     Eric Ray, University of Arizona




1900-2300     Banquet Dinner, CASA hotel






0900                Introduction

0915-1000       ‘Sufficiency for exclusions’

                        Eric Ray


1000 - 1030     ‘Old vs New International Fingerprint Data exchange’

                        Michaela Spankova Slovakia Forensic Institute


1030 - 1100     BREAK

                       Vendor displays


1100 - 1130     ‘The probability of Forensic Likelihood ratios’

      Anthony Laird, National Bureau of Identification, Finland    


1130 – 1200    ‘Introduction of a new AFIS: ACE_V, Validation and other weird stuff’

     Kurt Aebersold


1200 - 1300     EU IAI members Annual General meeting (mandatory for EU IAI members)

1300 - 1400     LUNCH  


1400 - 1430    ‘Hide and Seek’ development and visualisation of fingermarks on leather’

                       Leisa Nichols Drew (De Montfort University)


1430 - 1500    Finding the optimum to improve chances for identification; sample preparation and DNA extraction from (compromised) bone’

Tristan Krap, UvA


1500 – 1530    BREAK

                       Vendor displays


1530 - 1600   Predict the DNA concentration in fingermarks using the autofluorescence intensity of fingermark residues’

                      Kim Falkena, University of Amsterdam


1600 - 1630     ‘A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.’

                       Yvonne Voedisch, Jenetric


1630                Close of conference


                       Aldo Mattei, EUIAI President